Notification Drawer

  • The notification drawer lists all notifications chronologically.
  • A click on the notification bell or the profile picture opens the notification drawer.
  • The number next to the notification bell indicates the amount of unread notifications (picture).
Notification Drawer EN
Back Office
Notification Drawer Mobile EN
Mobile Application
Anatomy of Browser Notifications Back Office EN

1. Red dot highlighting unread notifications
2. Date and time of the notification
3. Number of stacked notifications of the same type
4. Identification number of the ticket, video session or code
5. Title of the notification
6. Message
7. Profile picture of the user who triggered the notification
8. Icon which indicates whether the notification is about tickets, video sessions, or codes

Delete all Notifications for Code Users: 

  1. Select CODES from the side menu.
  2. Select the code for which you want to delete the notifications.

Past notifications will be removed and no longer visible for code users (picture).
Possible Use Case: Codes in hotel rooms. All notifications are deleted before new guests arrive.

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