Text Building Blocks

  • Predefined text elements, e.g., standard phrases from customer service employees, which can be selected and sent via the Messenger.
  • Can be changed or completed before sending., e.g., filling in information into gap texts.
  • The availability of text assistant links in a ticket depends on the corresponding template and whether its modules "Assistant" and "Text" are active and containing content.


    Building Blocks button EN

    Note: This button is only available if the Assistant module and the Text submodule are active in the corresponding template.

  2. Text Building Blocks Selection

    Text Building Blocks Selection EN

    You can use the search bar to find the element you are looking for. If translations are available, you can use the drop-down menu to select the language you need.

  3. Text Building Block Preview

    Text Building Block Preview EN

    Click on an element to open it and see its contents.

  4. Select a Text Building Block

    Send Text Building Block EN

    Click the icon in the upper right corner to select a text building block you want to send in the messenger.

  5. Edit / Complete the Text (optional)

    Edit Complete Text Building Block Text DE

    If you want, you can edit and complete the text and then send it.

  6. Send Message

    Text Building Block EN
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