Release Notes - v1.34 - 2022-02-02

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Your sqanit experience is improving as we work to squash bugs and release new features. Here’s what changed:


  • A new submodule, called “Device Creation Flows”, is now available. It allows you to create customized flows, which will help in guiding your employees through the device creation process (picture).
  • Any list found in the application can now be exported as a CSV file (picture) (picture).
  • To improve the usability of the Preview, a drop-down menu was added that lets you conveniently switch between the roles “Code User” and “Employee” (picture).
  • The application is now also available in Polish and Czech (picture).

Fixed Issues

  • Various bug fixes and performance optimizations


  • Font rendering was improved to reduce loading times and increase performance.
  • In any list displayed in the mobile application, depending on the sorting criterion, the corresponding value for each element is now automatically displayed (picture).
  • You now have the option to choose between available translations before sending building blocks or text assistants links via the Messenger (picture).
  • In video sessions, callers now receive a notification if a recipient declined the call (picture) (picture).
  • Dashboard widgets can now be resized in 12.5% increments (picture).
  • The default dashboard has been optimized for improved usability.

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