Release Notes - v1.45 - 2023-04-06

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Your sqanit experience is improving as we work to squash bugs and release new features. Here’s what changed:


  • New Design and Features for Notification Drawer:
    • The users' profile images have been moved to the right side for a cleaner look (picture).
    • Stacked notification can now be viewed individually by opening a dropdown menu (picture).
    • When scrolling through older notifications, users no longer need to press a button to load more elements. Older elements are now automatically loaded once the user reaches the end of the currently visible list.
  • New Recording Features for Video Sessions:
    • The consent of code users to record a video session can now also be obtained after the start of a call. To do so, an input window is displayed to the code users during the ongoing video session, via which they can accept or reject the recording request (picture).
    • Recordings can now be started and stopped multiple times during a video session. This makes it possible to limit recordings to the relevant moments of a conversation (picture)(picture).


  • Copying of Sub-/Modules between Templates has been improved:
    • You can now copy modules and submodules individually: Modules without submodules and submodules without modules (picture).
    • The action button references resolution has been improved to avoid losing references when copying submodules/modules.
  • Ticket Creation Flow Default Settings have been changed:
    • In the settings of new ticket creation flows, the option “Selectable for Employees” is now enabled by default (picture).
  • Import size is now limited:
    • The maximum number of entities that can be imported at once has been limited to 5000 to ensure stable imports.
  • Organization and Department Logos are now rectangular:
    • The shape in which logos of organizations and departments are displayed has been changed from circular to rectangular (picture).
  • Saving Assistant Elements has become faster:
    • The speed of saving text assistant elements has been increased.

Fixed Issues

  • Sorting Employees by Last Login works again
    • An issue that prevented a correct sorting of employees by "Last Login" has been resolved.
  • Various bug fixes and performance optimizations.
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