Release Notes - v1.46 - 2023-04-27

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Your sqanit experience is improving as we work to squash bugs and release new features. Here’s what changed:


  • Saving List Filters & Search Terms:
    • You can now save combinations of filters, including search terms, for quick and convenient reuse at a later time (picture)(picture)(picture).
  • Internal Attachments for Templates and Devices:
    • Templates and devices can now have "Internal Attachments", which can only be seen by logged in employees (picture).


  • Additional Search Features:
    The search now has additional features to help you get the search results you want:
    • Find exact matches by placing your search term in "double quotation marks" (picture).
    • Find search terms including wildcards (placeholders). To do this, place your search term and the corresponding wildcard character in 'single quotation marks':
      • Find search terms with any number of unspecified characters before or after it, by placing a * in the desired position, e.g., 'wh*' --> finds what, white, and why, but not awhile (picture).
      • Find search terms with a single unspecified character in a specific position, by placing a ? in the desired position, e.g., 'b?ll' --> finds ball, bell, and bill (picture).
  • List Filters:
    • Applied filters are now displayed as chips below the search bar (picture).
    • Filters and search terms are now preserved when navigating between lists and their elements (video).
  • Draft Label Redesign:
    • The draft label in the mobile application has been redesigned to increase usability (picture).
  • More Statistics have become clickable:
    • In the customer and device specific dashboards, additional widget elements have become clickable, e.g., elements in "Ticket States" widget.

Fixed Issues

  • Various bug fixes and performance optimizations.
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