Release Notes - v1.49 - 2023-08-15

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Your sqanit experience is improving as we work to squash bugs and release new features. Here’s what changed:


  • Stay tuned. We are already working on new features for the next release.


  • Duplicating Groups and Group Elements
    • Error handling when duplicating elements has been improved to be less error-prone.
  • Improved Imports
    • Error handling for imports has been improved to be less error-prone.
  • Dynamic codes get archived with their templates
    • Dynamic codes are now automatically disabled when the associated template is archived.
  • Improved Search Functionality
    • The search now provides better results in cases where multiple search terms are entered in the search bar.
  • Czech Translation
  • Design Improvements
    • Some small changes have been made to the design to improve usability.

Fixed Issues

  • Various bug fixes and performance optimizations.
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