Release Notes - v1.54 - 2024-02-15

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Your sqanit experience is improving as we work to squash bugs and release new features. Here’s what changed:


  • AI Module
    A new module is now available that allows users to interact with LLM powered chatbots to get tasks done and find information.
  • AI - Document Assistant
    This new submodule allows uploading documents, such as user manuals, which will serve as data sources for the AI to answer user questions.


  • New loading animation
    "RepairCode" has been removed from the animation which appears when reloading the page.
  • Separate "Corporate Customers" and "Private Customers" tabs in the customer menu
    There are now two additional tabs in the customer menu that list either corporate or private customers only.
  • Improved back button handling
    The back button is now displayed only when there is a previous state since the last reload.
  • The search function now also searches through email addresses of notification receivers
    You can now find tickets by entering an email address in the search bar.

Fixed Issues

  • Various bug fixes and performance optimizations.
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