Customer Login

Optional Module

This module is not available by default. If you are interested, please contact us .


This can only be done by moderators and administrators.

The Idea behind it

With a customer login, customers get access to their own back office application, which provides them with additional functionality.

It allows customers to:

  • monitor and manage all their devices and service cases in one place.
  • access all their devices and service cases without having to scan multiple codes.
  • analyze performance indicators and other statistics on the dashboard.
  • manage their employees.

How to set up a Customer Login

Create a Corporate Customer
Note: The Customer Login feature is only available for corporate customers.
Learn how to create a corporate customer by reading the article "How to add new Customers" (article).

Invite Users

  1. Select CUSTOMERS from the side menu.
  2. Select a customer.
  3. Click on the Invitations tab (picture).
  4. Click + ADD INVITATION (picture).
  5. Enter first name, last name, email address, preferred user language, and user role (member, moderator, administrator).
  6. Click + Create (picture).

Repeat for each user of this customer.

Invitations for the customer login
Overview with invited customer

Important Information

  • Customers can only see their devices, tickets, and video sessions.
  • Customers do not have access to templates.
  • If you delete invitations, the users are also deleted from their organizations.
  • Customers with the administrator role can also create new users. These users do not appear as invitations in your organization.
  • By default, customers receive all notifications about the codes, devices, tickets, video sessions, etc. for which their company is in the role of the customer. This feature can be turned on/off in each user's personal settings (picture).
  • Customers can become independent organizations.
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