Release Notes - v1.38 - 2022-08-03

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Your sqanit experience is improving as we work to squash bugs and release new features. Here’s what changed:


  • You can now display statistics on templates, devices, or customers in dedicated dashboards (picture).
  • Managed Customer – This new feature allows you to control whether another company, of which you are a customer, has permission to add and edit employees and departments in your organization (picture).

Fixed Issues

  • Various bug fixes and performance optimizations.


  • We have dropped the support for legacy browsers Internet Explorer 11 and "old" Edge (up to version 44) to allow for faster development. Note: The "new" Edge browser (version 79 and newer) is still supported.
  • The design of the messenger in the mobile application has been changed to improve usability. An empty message text field is now always displayed at the top to make it easier for users to create a new message (picture). The messenger tools for Attachments, Text Assistant Links, and Building Blocks, have been moved to a speed dial (picture), and the button for voice messages has been placed next to the input field (picture).
  • In the mobile application, the step indicator that is displayed during ticket or video session creation, for example, has been redesigned to be more visible and therefore more user-friendly (picture).
  • Additional column options have been added to multiple lists. The number of "Attachments" can now be displayed in Templates, Devices, and Tickets lists (picture)(picture), and the number of "Recordings" and "Screenshots" can now be displayed in Video Sessions lists (picture).
  • The cookie banner has been updated to provide more details about the types of cookies used (picture)(picture).
  • When unpairing a code from a device, all notifications visible to code users are automatically removed to prevent unauthorized users from seeing them (picture).
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