Release Notes - v1.43 - 2023-02-10

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Your sqanit experience is improving as we work to squash bugs and release new features. Here’s what changed:


  • Dynamic Codes:
    • You can now assign "Related Departments" to dynamic codes, so that new entities, created through these dynamic codes, are automatically assigned to the appropriate departments (picture).
  • Ticket Creation Flows:
    • You can now assign a priority to ticket creation flows, so that new tickets, created through these creation flows, are automatically set to the appropriate priority level (picture).

Fixed Issues

  • Various bug fixes and performance optimizations.


  • Dynamic Codes:
    • If a user scans a dynamic code after having already used it in the past, the system now recognizes this. Accordingly, this user is offered the platform access points he has already created, as well as the option of creating a new one (picture).
  • Corporate Customers:
    • Inviting customer employees to join their company's platform is now also done through a back office creation flow (picture).
  • Lists:
    • In long lists in the mobile application, the next elements are now automatically loaded once the user has scrolled to the last currently loaded element. Clicking on “Load more” is no longer necessary.
  • Shortcuts:
    • Shortcuts for macOS have been added, which allow changing the font to bold (command+B) and italic (command+I) (video).
  • Messenger:
    • Message editing options are now available via a three-dot menu. As a result, the messenger has a cleaner look now (picture).
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