Release Notes - v1.50 - 2023-09-14

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Your sqanit experience is improving as we work to squash bugs and release new features. Here’s what changed:


  • The Wallet
    • Codes can now be added to Apple Wallet or Google Wallet (article).
  • Independent Customer Submodules for Private and Corporate Customers
    • The module "Customers" is now divided into the submodules "Private Customers" and "Corporate Customers". This allows to de-/activate them individually (picture)(picture)(picture).
  • Import and Export of Customer-Team-Mappings
    • All current customer-team-mappings can be downloaded in one list (picture).
    • Via CSV import, new mappings can be created, and existing mappings can be updated (article).
  • Custom List Filters may be applied by default
    • Users can, if desired, select a custom filter for each list to be applied by default (picture).


  • Design of List Filter Selection
    • The filter groups are now separated by visible boundaries to make the appearance clearer and thus the selection of filters easier (picture).
    • In the mobile application, the toggle buttons have been replaced with checkboxes (picture).
  • Design of Customer Menu
    • There are now three separate tabs: "Corporate Customers", "Private Customers", and "All Customers" (picture).
  • Design of Employee Details View
    • The top section with personal information has been rearranged, and each item has been given a title (picture).
  • Design of Menus with Lists and Maps
    • It is now possible to switch the view between map and list via a dropdown menu (picture).
  • Changing Text Assistant Element Types subsequently
    • It is now possible to subsequently edit existing Text Assistant elements and change their type, e.g. replace a numbered list with a bulleted list (picture)(picture).
  • Operating Status History is displayed in Code Details View
    • In the code details view, the history of all operating status changes of the respective code is listed with date and time (picture).
  • Filtering and Sorting of Ratings in the Employee Details View
    • The lists of rated tickets and rated video sessions in the employee details view can now be sorted and filtered by rating (picture)(picture).
  • New Creation Flow Element "Info"
    • All creation flows can now contain the new "Info" element, which is used only to provide information and does not require any input from the user (picture)(picture).
  • Corporate Customer Departments are displayed by default
    • In the customer overview, the departments of corporate customers are now displayed by default and are no longer filtered out (picture).
  • GIFs play automatically
    • GIFs are played automatically when possible. This depends on the size and your Internet connection.
  • Application Language was updated
    • The Czech translation of the application has been updated.

Fixed Issues

  • Various bug fixes and performance optimizations.
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