Release Notes - v1.52 - 2023-12-04

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Your sqanit experience is improving as we work to squash bugs and release new features. Here’s what changed:


  • Label Module
    A new module is now available that allows users to add labels to tickets and video sessions for various purposes. These labels can also be used for search filters and statistics. (picture)(picture)(picture)
  • Ticket Labels and Video Session Labels
    There are new submodules that make it possible to restrict the available labels for individual templates, and to create groups that can be used to categorize these labels. (picture)(picture)(picture)
  • Labels added via Ticket Creation Flows
    Labels can be added to ticket creation flows, so that tickets created via these flow will automatically receive these labels. (picture)
  • Home Screen Module
    A new module is now available that makes it possible to define at template level what kind of home screen the code users should see in the mobile application. (picture)
  • Searching the Messenger
    In the back office application, it is now possible to perform a search in the ticket messenger. (picture)


  • Multi-File Upload in Messenger
    The ticket messenger now permits uploading multiple files at once.
  • Grouped Messages in Mobile Application
    Consecutive messages from the same sender are now also grouped in the mobile application. The details for each individual message can be displayed by clicking on the date/time indicator (picture).
  • Predefined Dashboard Widgets are offered in Groups
    When adding a new widget to the dashboard, the available predefined widgets can now be found in groups of related widget types. (picture)
  • New Predefined Widgets for the Dashboard
    New predefined widgets called "My Tickets", "My Offers" & "My Video Sessions" were added.
  • Dashboard Widgets filtered by available Modules
    Dashboards only display widgets if their corresponding modules are active at the organizational level.
  • Zoom in Gallery View
    Users can now zoom into the images displayed in the gallery view.
  • Ticket Offers filtered by Employees
    The list of ticket offers can now be filtered by employee, which makes it easy to find out which tasks an individual employee is currently working on. (picture)(picture)
  • Management of Push Notifications (Push Sessions)
    Each user can now specify in their user settings which of their devices should receive push notifications and which should not. (picture)
  • Deletion of Notifications from Notification Drawer
    Users can now delete received notifications from the list in the notification drawer. (picture)
  • Improved Keyboard Shortcuts
    Standard keyboard shortcuts, e.g., for typing bold or italic, have been improved to work more reliably now.
  • Scroll-to-Top Arrow for new Notifications in Notification Drawer
    If a new notification is received while the user is viewing older notifications at the bottom of the list, an arrow appears that allows the user to jump back to the top. (picture)
  • The Default Input Language now uses "Session Language"
    The settings for the default input language have been updated. The term "user language" has been replaced by the term "session language". (picture)(picture)
  • QR Code Icon for Code User Authors
    If a code user is the author of an entity, e.g., a ticket or a video session, the author name "Code User" is now preceded by a QR code symbol. (picture)

Fixed Issues

  • Various bug fixes and performance optimizations.
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