Status Bar

The status bar shows the progress of a ticket or video session. You can find it in the ticket details view (article) and the video session details view (article).

Ticket Status Bar

Ticket Status Bar EN
DraftNot all steps of the ticket creation flow have been completed yet. No ticket offers have been sent out yet.
OpenThe ticket has been created. Ticket offers have been sent. No employee has accepted their ticket offer yet. No employee has been assigned yet.
AssignedAt least one employee has accepted their ticket offer or has been assigned.
In ProgressAn employee is working on the ticket.
DoneThe ticket is done, but the code user has not yet rated it.
ClosedThe ticket is closed. Code users can no longer create updates or write messages.
CancelledThe ticket has been cancelled.

Video Session Status Bar

VS Status Bar EN

Service employees can manually change the video session status. However, when a call is started the status automatically changes to "In Progress" and when a call has ended the status automatically changes to "Closed".

RequestedA code user has requested a video session.
The call can only be started after the request has been confirmed.
ConfirmedThe video session has been confirmed by a service employee. Both sides can initiate a call.
In Progress The call is in progress.
DoneThe call has ended, but the code user has not yet rated it.
ClosedThe video session is closed. To have another call, a new session must be requested by a code user, or the session must be reopened by an service employee.
CancelledOption 1: A code user has canceled a request.
Option 2: A service employee has canceled a video session (possible at any time).
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