How to Create Codes

How to get there

  1. Select CODES from the side menu
  2. Select the Create Codes tab

In this section, you can add new codes to your platform and configure the appearance of the code stickers.

Creating Codes

  1. In the create section, select the quantity you want from the drop-down menu (picture)
  2. (Optional) If you want to download a file of the new codes, select the checkbox and pick the file type you want
  3. Click CREATE CODE

Creating Codes in the Device State
If there are no more unpaired codes available, it is also possible to create individual new codes directly from the context of an unpaired device (picture):

  1. Select an unpaired device from the device overview
  2. Select the Codes Tab
  3. Click PAIR WITH CODE. A pop-up appears telling you that no unpaired codes are available
  4. Click +CREATE CODE

The Appearance of the Code Sticker

Configure the appearance of your code stickers to match your corporate identity. Use the live preview to see your changes. NOTE: All code stickers look identical, except for the QR codes in the center.

Code Sticker Appearance Configuration

Rounded corners:  Choose between rounded and pointed corners (picture).

Show logo: Specify whether your logo should be displayed. You may upload a logo by simply dragging and dropping it into the upload field. Alternatively, you can click on the upload field and select directly from the media on your computer. Click the pencil icon to enter the editing mode and to select a section of your logo (video).

Show logo completely: Select this checkbox to have the entire selected section of your logo displayed (video).

Add logo border: Select this checkbox to add a border around your logo.

Logo Height: Set the height of the logo. TIP: Select the input field and use your keyboard arrows to change the logo height.

Logo Background Color: Choose a background color for your logo (video). NOTE: This works only if your logo is a PNG file with a transparent background.

Call to Action: Add text that will encourage users to scan the code (picture).

QR Code Color 
Edit the color of the QR-code using the color picker.

Code ID
Show Code ID: Specify whether the short-ID of the code should be displayed, and in what size and color (picture).

Show Code ID as barcode: Specify whether a barcode of the short-ID should be displayed, and in what size and color (picture).

Separator: A separator can be added to divide information (picture).

Telephone Nr / Subtitle: Add additional information, e.g. a telephone number (picture).

Code Dimensions: The size of the code sticker is shown in the preview. Change the dimensions by clicking on the input fields and entering the desired values.
TIP: Use the FIT HEIGHT TO CONTENT button to automatically adjust the height of your sticker. This button only appears if the sticker is currently too big/small (picture).

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