Codes Tab

What are Codes?

Each code generated on the platform has a 32-digit ID, a 14-digit short ID and a URL, that each are unique and inseparably linked (picture). Once a code is paired with a device, users can access the platform via the code URL and view the content provided for that device.

QR Codes / NFC Tags

For users, QR codes and NFC tags are the main gateway to the platform. They allow them to quickly and conveniently access the platform simply by scanning. QR codes and NFC tags are basically a smartphone-readable way of displaying the code URLs. A major advantage is that they can be placed almost anywhere where they can add value to users.

QR code on a device

A call-to-action next to the code, e.g., "Scan for Support", has a huge impact on the awareness of potential users and encourages them to visit the platform.

Purpose of the Codes Tab

The codes tab gives you an overview of all codes that your organization has created on the platform. You can search, sort and filter the list of all codes, and switch to the codes details view (article) for more information on an individual code.

The Overview Tab

All codes that are currently existing on the platform are listed in the overview tab.

Codes Overview

To find specific codes, you have multiple options:

Note: To add or remove columns, right-click a column header or click the icon in the right corner.


If a code is deleted, it is lost forever and can never be paired again. QR codes of this code become unusable.

The Create Codes Tab

To learn about how to create codes, please read the article "How to create codes" (article).

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