Module Buttons

The module buttons, which are displayed on the home screen of the mobile application, bring users to the different modules of the platform.

Module Buttons on the home screen of the mobile application
Button TitleModule NameFunctionality
ASSISTANT Text AssistantUseful information, instructions, trubleshooting; Can link to any of ther other modules (article)
CUSTOMER SERVICE TicketingOverview of all tickets; Can be used to create new tickets (article)
ADDITIONAL SERVICES ConciergeLinks to external websites (article)
VIDEO SESSIONS Video SessionsOverview of all video sessions; Can be used to create new video sessions (article)

Removing Module Buttons

It is not possible to remove module buttons as long as the corresponding module is switched on. If a module is switched off, its module button disappears automatically.

Customizing Module Buttons

There are the following options for customizing module buttons:

Module buttons can be edited at the template level in the module settings:

Changing the module button settings in the back office

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