How to get there

  1. Select TEMPLATES from the side menu.
  2. Select a template.
  3. Select the Modules Tab.
  4. Select Concierge from the side menu.

The Idea behind it

With the Concierge, additional value can be created for code users by integrating external websites.

The Submodule


To be able to use the submodule, it must be switched on (picture).


The URL submodule allows you to create elements that have links to external websites embedded in them. These elements can be named, arranged, and grouped as desired. When code users click on them, the embedded websites open in a new tab. This can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • To offer specific items from your online shop
  • To reference your company's website
  • To offer additional services
Example of a Concierge

How to create Concierge Groups & Elements

For detailed instructions on how to create a Concierge, click here.

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