Release Notes - v1.41 - 2022-11-21

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Your sqanit experience is improving as we work to squash bugs and release new features. Here’s what changed:


  • Back Office Creation Flows
    • The creation processes for Tickets, Video Sessions, Templates, Devices, Customers, and Employees, have been redesigned to improve usability (picture) (picture). Users can now see a preview of the individual steps in the side menu, as well as their current position in the creation flow (picture). This gives them a better idea of how long the entire creation process will take.
    • Just like in the mobile application, in the back office you can now also choose between the different ticket and device creation flows (picture). This is especially helpful for customers using the customer login feature (article).
  • Account Email Addresses
    • Administrators can now also see the email addresses that users are currently using to log into the platform. The "account email address" is displayed in the employee details view of each user (picture) but can also be found in its own column in the employee overview list (picture).
    • Administrators can now delete a user's account without deleting the employee. As a result, access via the current account email address will no longer be possible (picture). After that, however, a new invitation may be sent to the same or a new email address (picture).
  • Last Login
    • Administrators can now see the date and time of a user's last login (picture)
  • Imports
    • Customer team mappings can now be created/updated via import (picture).
    • Codes can now be created/updated via import (picture)(article).
  • Introduction of keyboard shortcut
    • View the current QR code (picture): <ctrl> + <shift> + <q>

Fixed Issues

  • Various bug fixes and performance optimizations.


  • The tab for managing meta teams and teams has been redesigned to be clearer and more user-friendly, especially for companies with many (meta) teams (picture).
  • Meta teams and teams can now be duplicated to speed up the creation of new elements (picture).
  • You can now display the IDs of meta teams and teams (picture).
  • The invitation date of users of the customer login can now be displayed (picture).
  • "Related Departments" are now synchronized between entities (customers, devices, codes) when linked to each other (article).
  • When a "Related Department" is assigned to a department of a corporate customer, it is now also automatically added to the customer's main department.
  • It is now possible to show requested users' departments in the fleet management tab of the ticket details view (picture).
  • In the mobile application, the status bar of tickets and video sessions is now vertically aligned when in edit mode (picture).
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