What can be rated?

The rating feature allows code users to rate their service experience. Ratings can be given for both tickets and video sessions.

What do Ratings look like?

Once the status of a ticket or video session is changed to DONE, code users are asked to rate their service experience. To do so, they can choose between smiley faces representing a 5-point linear rating scale (picture), and add a comment.

Example of a Rating

Activating the Rating Feature


This can be done only by moderators and administrators.

The rating feature is template-specific, which means that it must be activated for each template individually.

Ticket ratings and video session ratings must be activated separately. Thus, it is possible to use only ticket ratings or only video session ratings.

  1. Select TEMPLATES from the side menu.
  2. Select a template.
  3. Select the Modules tab.
  4. Select Ticketing / Video Sessions from the side menu.
  5. Click EDIT
  6. Activate the rating function by checking the box (picture).

Ratings in the Back Office

Ratings can be displayed in lists and used to sort and filter tickets and video sessions.

Ratings in the Back Office
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