Code Details View

How to get there

  1. Select CODES from the side menu.
  2. Select a code from the list.

The Code Details View

The code details view provides detailed information about individual codes, and allows making changes, or deleting them. It consists of three sections: Settings, Code Preview, App Preview.

Code Detail View


Code Status: 
Codes can be disabled. When deactivated, only users who are logged in (employees) can access their content (picture).

Codes can be protected by a PIN so that only authorized users have access (picture).
Use Case: Codes on devices with content created exclusively for professionals.

User TypeWho has Access?Who can change the PIN?
Code UserUsers who know the PINNo authorization to change the PIN
EmployeeLogged-in employees, unless their access is restricted by department isolation (article)Logged-in employees, unless their access is restricted by department isolation (article)
CustomerLogged-in customer users (article), provided that the respective device is assigned to their customer accountLogged-in customer users (article), provided that the respective device is assigned to their customer account

This section shows details about the device that is currently paired with this code.

Delete all notifications: 
Click DELETE ALL NOTIFICATIONS to clear the code users' notification drawer. Past notifications will be removed and no longer visible for code users (picture). Use Case: Codes in hotel rooms. All notifications are deleted before new guests arrive.

NOTE: This only affects code users. Notifications aren’t actually deleted. Employees that are logged in will always be able to see all past notifications. Tickets and Video sessions will not be deleted by this action. To hide them from code users, their visibility settings must be set to "internal" (picture).

Log out code users: 
Click on LOG OUT CODE USERS to revoke the access rights from anyone who has scanned this code in the past. To regain access, the code must be scanned again. Use Case: Codes in hotel rooms. Previous users are logged out to prevent them from seeing information generated by the new guests.

NOTE: By default, users have two weeks of access to the content of a code from the time it is scanned before they have to scan it again.

Code Preview

The code preview shows the QR code and the URL of this code. You can scan the code or click the URL to access the code's content. Note: You can find information on how to edit the appearance of the QR code in the article "How to create codes" (article).

App Preview

See what code users see after they scan this code.

Export Code Button

Click EXPORT CODE to download the code as: 

  • PDF 
  • CSV  + SVG (optional)
  • JSON  + SVG (optional)
Code Export

Delete Button

Use this button to delete the code.


If a code is deleted, it is lost forever and can never be paired again. QR codes of this code become unusable.

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