Creating the Concierge

How to get there

  1. Select TEMPLATES from the side menu.
  2. Select a template.
  3. Select the Modules Tab.
  4. Select URL from the side menu.


The Structure

The Concierge consists of groups and elements, with each element being part of a concierge group.

Code users can access concierge elements in two ways:

  1. Via the module button in the main menu (picture).
  2. Via action buttons in the Assistant.
    Note: You can use the Assistant to reference both individual concierge elements and groups.

Creating the Concierge

Concierge Groups

  1. Click + NEW GROUP.
  2. Enter a title for this group.
  3. Click SAVE.

Note: As long as there are no elements in a group, code users won't be able to see it.

Concierge Elements

Once you have created at least one group, an element editor appears at the top of the page (picture).

  1. Enter a title.
  2. Enter a URL.
  3. Choose a group from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click +ADD ELEMENT.
  5. Add an image (optional).
  6. Click SAVE.

Tips & Tricks

  • Change the order of groups or elements using drag & drop.
  • Use the Preview to check your work from a code user's point of view.

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