Ticket Creation Flows

What are Ticket Creation Flows?

A ticket creation flow, is a sequence of questions that a user must complete to create a new ticket.

Ticket creation flows are template-specific, which means they are unique to each template. However, they can be copied from one template to another (picture) (picture).
For more information on how to copy modules, read this article.

Each creation flow is highly customizable and can differ in the type, number, and order of the steps, as well as its content and settings.

How to use Ticket Creation Flows

  • They can be linked to action buttons in the Assistant (picture) (picture)
  • Depending on the user's situation, different questions can be asked (e.g., "Can you please describe the problem?", "How can we help you today?", "Why do you want to schedule a maintenance appointment?")
  • They allow the ticket creation process to be focused on only necessary questions
  • They allow you to ask case-specific questions that help service agents to perform better (e.g., "Please upload images from the bottom and both sides of the device").
  • Each creation flow can have different fleet management settings, so that depending on the type of service case, only the best suited workers are informed (e.g., Sales Inquiries --> Sales Personnel; Problem Reports --> Service Technicians) (picture)

How to create a new Creation Flow

  1. Select TEMPLATES from the side menu.
  2. Select a template.
  3. Select the Modules tab.
  4. Select Ticket Creation Flows (submodule of Ticketing) from the side menu.
  5. Click on +NEW FLOW.
  6. Enter a flow title and click SAVE.
  7. Click +ADD STEP
  8. Enter a title and select the type of step you want to add, then click NEXT.
  9. Enter your content and make step-specific settings, then click SAVE.

Note: You can change the order of the steps by simply dragging and dropping them to the position you want.

Creation Flow Steps

DescriptionUser-defined text inputs (picture)
AttachmentsUpload of images, videos, and documents (picture)
Desired DateDate and time selection (picture)
LocationManual entry of addresses or automatic detection of the user's current position (picture)
ReporterAsks for the name of the ticket initiator (picture)
Value SelectionSelection of one or more values (picture)
NotificationsOption to subscribe to email and/or push notifications (picture)


  • The steps "Desired Date", "Location", and "Notifications", can only be used once per creation flow.
  • Without the "Notifications" step, there is a high probability that users will not activate notifications for their tickets. In the worst case, this leads to the service communication being greatly slowed down.
    Recommendation: Add the step as "optional", with a note that regular code scanning would be the alternative to email and push notifications.
  • Step types can be disabled in the ticketing settings (picture). If disabled, these step types can still be part of a creation flow, however they won't appear during ticket creation.

Ticket Creation Flow Settings

  • Make ticket creation flows available in the Ticket Overview section (picture)
  • Specify who should get an offer to work on new tickets created via this flow (picture)
  • Specify who should get notified of new tickets created via this flow (picture)
  • Specify what the user should see after a new ticket is created (picture)
  • Make steps "optional" (picture)
  • Allow scanning of barcodes and QR codes as a way of entering data (picture) (picture) (video)

Default Ticket Creation Flow

If you have multiple creation flows, you can select one as the "Default Ticket Creation Flow" (picture). This allows you to link several Text Assistant elements to the "Default Flow", and should you ever want to change all those links to a different flow at once, you just have to select a different flow as the default flow.

Note: If no creation flow is set to be selectable via the Ticket Overview section (picture), the default flow will be triggered if a user clicks on "+" (picture).

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