How to add new Employees


This can only be done by administrators.

Creating a new Employee

  1. Select MY COMPANY from the side menu.
  2. Click the Employees tab.
  3. Click +ADD EMPLOYEE.
  4. In the following steps, add the name and the email address of the new employee. Then click +CREATE.
  5. The new employee has been added to the company.

Sending out the Invitation

For new employees to access the platform, they first need to receive an invitation email with their credentials. You can have the system send the invitation automatically as soon as the new employee account is created, or you can send it manually at a later time.

Invitation Email sent EN

Adding additional Information

Once a new employee account has been created, additional information such as telephone numbers, date of birth, etc. can be added. The employee can also edit this information himself.

Roles: Only administrators can assign roles. Depending on their roles, employees have different levels of authority.

ModeratorCan't change company settings.
MemberCan only work on tickets and video sessions that have been assigned to this account.
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