How to set up My Company


This can only be done by administrators.

How to get there

  1. Select MY COMPANY from the side menu.
  2. Use the Overview tab to view or edit information about your company and to add departments.
  3. Use the Employees tab to manage your workforce.
  4. Use the Settings tab to adjust the company-specific settings to your needs.

Overview Tab

Here you can edit the general information about your company and create departments.

Company Overview Tab
Company information overview
Overview edit mode
Edit mode

Employees Tab

This section lists all employees who have been added to the platform. Here you can add new ones or remove existing ones. To display the details of individual employees, simply click on them.

Employee List
List of all employees
Employee details view
Employee details view

To learn how to add new employees to the platform, read the article "How to add new Employees" (article).

Settings Tab

  • Corporate Identity Color: Pick a color that represents your company and which should be used to highlight certain elements such as backgrounds and icons.
  • Company Language: Specify which language should be displayed if there is no translation into the user's language.
  • Additional Languages: Specify the languages in which you want to make the content of your platform available.

Settings concerning the creation of content

  • Default Language: If the checkmark is set, when in edit mode the input field for the company language is always displayed at the top. This is to help content creators not to forget about translations into the corporate language.
  • Indicate missing: If the checkmark is set, content for which translations are missing is highlighted.
Company Language Missing GlobeThe translation into the Company Language is missing.
Additional Languages Missing GlobeTranslations into Additional Languages are missing.
All Translations Available GlobeAll the required translations are available.

Note: The small number next to the globe indicates how many translations are available in total.
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