How to create Templates


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What are Templates?

Templates are the basis for all of your devices. Devices cannot be created without them. Each device is derived from a template and mirrors its content and settings. This has the great advantage that all devices of a template can be updated very easily.

Devices mirroring the template

For a better understanding, consider this example:

Let’s say your company offers three types of products. In this case, you would create three templates, each with product-specific content and settings. From each template, you then derive as many devices as you like.

As soon as you want to update the content of one of your products, e.g. add a new user manual, you just have to do this in the corresponding template. All devices based on it will change automatically.

How to create a new Template

  1. Select TEMPLATES from the side menu.
  2. Click +ADD TEMPLATE.
  3. Enter a title (e.g., Coffee Machine), a manufacturer (e.g., Generic Inc.), the model/type (e.g. CM 1), and upload an image. Note: You only have to enter a title. The rest is optional.
  4. Click +CREATE.
  5. Your template has been created. You can now add more information, edit the appearance, and access the modules of this template.

To learn more about how to fill your template with content and what settings are available, please refer to these articles.

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