Device Details View

How to get there

  1. Select DEVICES from the side menu.
  2. Select a device from the list.

The Device Details View

In the device details view, you can view and edit all information related to an individual device.

Editing in the Device Details View

  • Select one of the tabs described below.
  • Click on EDIT and add the corresponding information.
  • SAVE your changes.
Device Detail View
Device Details View

NOTE: In general, a device inherits all information from the template. If you change information in the Device Details View, this information will replace the template information. Changes made on the template will no longer be transferred to the device for the specific information you changed in the Device Details View.

The General Tab

In the general tab, you can view and edit device-specific information and the location. Besides that, you can add a customer to the device. To learn more, read this article: How to add new Customers

The Appearance Tab

In the general tab you can view and configure the device-specific general appearance of the app (picture).

Tip: To edit the Main Color of the app, use the color picker.

The Attachments Tab

Here you find device-specific attachments and attachments the device inherited from the template such as images, PDFs, and videos.

Besides that, you can upload device-specific attachments.

  1. Click +ADD ATTACHMENTS (picture).
  2. Drag the file to the upload box.
  3. Optional: Add an attachment title.
  4. Once finished click SAVE.

The Codes Tab

In this tab, you can see which code the device is paired with. If the device has not been paired yet with a code, there are two options in the back office to pair a device with a code:

Option 1: Pair with an existing QR code.

  1. Click +PAIR WITH CODE (picture).
  2. Select from the drop-down list or, if a specific QR code is needed, use the search box.
  3. Click the desired code and it will be paired.

Option 2: Create a new QR code.

  1. Click CREATE CODE (picture).
  2. A code will populate in a popup window, then select CREATE AND PAIR CODE.

The Tickets Tab

In this tab, you can view tickets connected to the device and create new ones.

Note: Tickets created from the back office are created as internal tickets. If you want to make them public, you must edit the ticket afterwards.

Creating a new ticket:

  1. Click +CREATE TICKET (picture).
  2. The creation flow will ask for different details regarding the ticket. Fill in the details.
  3. Once finished the final step in the flow will have a +CREATE button. Click this and your ticket will be finished.

The Video Sessions Tab

In this tab, you can view video sessions connected to the device or create new ones.

Creating a new video session:

  1. Click +CREATE VIDEO SESSION (picture).
  2. Follow the request flow and once done a user can be invited to the video session.

To open an existing video session, simply click on one of the listed video sessions. For more information on video sessions, please read this article: How to use Video Sessions

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